Mashable Hypes Edgeio

As we mention below, people are afraid to call a spade a spade in the Edgeio debacle because of the perceived power of its creator, who is also the TechCruncher. Case in point: Pete Cashmore of Mashable* (don’t forget the asterisk) has this to say recently:

Mike Arrington just gave me a heads up on Edgeio’s new feature release, slated for later today. As promised, Edgeio is adding the ability to create listings directly on the site – no blog required. What’s more, this feature acts as a kind of mini-blog, along with its own feed.

He then goes into a light critique of the business model, but never once mentions actually trying a search on the site, or the problem that Edgeio is basically unusable and they’ve probably sold about 50 things so far.


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