Technorati Sucks Again

Technorati worked for a while, then it sucked for a long time, and then it suddenly started working. Now it’s back to suckage, with lots of time outs, and missing posts and links. Now, of course, they’ve got big grinning idiot pictures of people no one cares about and their favorite blogs, and all kinds of other useless crap. Dudes, as soon as you perfect blog search and can keep the servers up, then go do a bunch of annoying things. The only reason anyone ever goes to Technorati is to find posts or find blogs. Nothing else matters at this point.
From now, until further notice, you should use Google Blog Search unless you enjoy being frustrated and not finding things as you should.


One response to “Technorati Sucks Again

  1. I agree, technorati does fucking suck balls. I havnt been able to access it correctly in weeks.

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