Flickr Lady: Too Late, Fools!

This has to be one of the best/worst posts in a while. Best because it rightly calls “hype” on Web 2.0, worst because her central message is “My company got acquired by Yahoo! and I started 3 years ago so the rest of you are not going to make it”.

This just gives more ammo to the vets who called “flukr” on Flickr’s acquisition. Not because it isn’t an amazing website built by talented people, but that business-wise they didn’t have a clue. Here’s a choice line:

Tagging was a great feature, no doubt. But Flickr was at break even — about to tip into the black — when we were acquired.

Wow, Flickr was at breakeven with 1/0000th the users needed to make any real money, with competitors realizing the potential and getting funding, and with larger players starting to make their own clones. In any case, at least she’s got it right about all the web 2.0 losers who don’t have a clue, a business model, or anything else to do. But she’s also dead wrong– it’s never a bad time to start a business, that’s the whole point of starting businesses, that you have to try or you’ll never know.


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