Tagworld: No Traffic Growth in 2006

Alexa shows no traffic growth for TagWorld, a flipmeat site built to be sold to a major media player but failing, despite millions in advertising dollars, to grow its audience.

TagWorld is notable for this column, as it has continually been hyped as the Web 2.0 version of MySpace.com. Here’s what prophet TechCrunch Arrington said about the service:

“Can TagWorld take on MySpace and become the King of Social Networks 3.0?

Yeah, I think they will. For a number of reasons.

TagWorld can take this market.”

This despite all signs that TagWorld had nothing to offer other then some lame “web 2.0 features”. This is a case where Arrington’s judgement may have been colored by connections to various VCs or to the founders of the company. What else is to explain breathless coverage of TagWorld’s every last feature enhancement or (inflated) membership stats? Of course, there’s no proof of any of that, it may just be another case of normal TechCrunch Web 2.0 hype.


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