Tailrank Failing to Sustain Momentum

Tailrank provides an interesting look at what's going on, online. However, unlike Memeorandum, it has failed to sustain its initial momentum. The problem is perhaps that

its appeal is somewhat selective in its current incarnation. Which is to say, it's boring for most people. If Tailrank is going to survive, it will need to create a compelling front page which the average person will immediately find out not just what is already being talked about, but what WILL be talked about. The Drudge Report is a 2 man operation and every day it both reflects and sets the national news agenda. TailRank needs a way to highlight interesting, strange, game-changing stories BEFORE they become "buzz" because right now you end up looking at a bunch of boring things that only nerds care that much about. De-nerdification and meme-predicition rather then chasing is the key for this site if it wants to differentiate.


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