Flickr Lady Wants to Argue

One of the founders of Flickr, who earlier this month posted a preposterous, unresearched, inside-the-bubble proclamation that now is a 'bad time to start a company', now says she wants a good argument online. But that's not all, she also says:

I noticed, however, that I don't like arguing online, in blog comments or online forums. Mostly because people don't argue well — often they don't know much about the things they hold opinions about, or don't take the time to support their arguments. They tend to react to things not mentioned in the blog posts or other people's comments, but veer off into other topics; when they can't come up with a good argument they resort to sour grapes or ad hominem attacks; and they rarely give credit when their opponent makes a good point. When your opponent makes a good point, you've both won, in my opinion.

Perhaps she ought to apply those same rules to herself, the next time she attempts to give startup or business advice on her blog. 


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