Monthly Archives: June 2006

One Period Domains Rule

Geeks are surprised that Yahoo! has not "integrated" named into the general Yahoo! (the ! is not optional) borg. 

This is because companies like Yahoo! do not buy things like delicious in order to transfer their brand to an acquisition. Rather, you are supposed to give your good will and your favorite feature sets to the mothership. Delicious was on to something, that made it dangerous, and thus something worth snapping up.

What's even more funny then comments wondering why delicious hasn't been supported is TechCrunch wondering why Yahoo! dropped the "2.0" from Yahoo! MyWeb, saying it's due to "avoid confusion with the “web 2.0″ meme". What's not mentioned is that companies love confusion with popular, cool, or interesting memes and deplore overhyped ones which have essentially no meaning due to bubble-come-latelys.