Digg v. Drudge Report

A ridiculous business week article claims that sources claim that Digg is worth $200m. Digg is a news site, supported by thousands of members. So how does it stack up to a 2 man operation, the Drudge Report? Here is the Alexa graph

The uptick in Digg’s numbers came when the Firefox for Alexa plugin was released and installed on a large number of browsers. If you halve that impact, Drudge and Digg are more or less in the same ballpark. Drudge hasn’t shown much growth over the past, say, 2 years, but can Digg maintain its growth pattern? Judging by the lack if interesting links on the main page, and the impossible to shed uber-geek lineage, we doubt it. Alexa numbers are close to useless unless you’re comparing two similar sites, and by this graph I’d say Business Week needs to do a story on how Matt Drudge is worth $120m.


2 responses to “Digg v. Drudge Report

  1. I’d agree, were it not for the fact that a bunch of MSM media sites are now adding the “digg it” buttons on their article pages. It’s like tons of free publicity for digg, and if digg plays it right, they’ll be able to cajole these referrals to less geeky sections of the site and grow…

  2. That may be true, I guess the question is what a mainstream news reader sees when they press that “digg it” button for the first time. Are they impressed? Clearly the design of Digg is visual appealing and everything has been done to make the system easy to use. But will mainstream users want to use it? Will they both click the Digg button, and sign up for the site, and become a regular user? I would wager the answer is no, and that after analyzing the behavior of their users, mainstream news outlets will be more likely to build their own Diggs to capture whatever segment of their userbase is interested in that kind of news consumption.

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