Monthly Archives: September 2007

The Problem With Yahoo!

I’m not down on Yahoo! like a lot of other people because I use their services all the time. Mostly: Fantasy Sports (14/16 in my NFL pick ’em league last week), Flickr, Upcoming, Yahoo News!, Delicious, Yahoo email (yes, just for signing up for other sites, but still that has some value to me) and Yahoo Sports. All of these sites are pretty well coded, have great content, and are important to me. I spend a lot of time in the Yahoo Network. Yet there seems to be no real way to link the whole shebang together in any useful way. I spent 20 minutes trying to upload the same user icon to the various services and could only get it to work half the time, and even then it seemed pointless because I can’t compare stuff. Their avatars are beyond lame and image uploading craps out 2 out of every 3 times. Yahoo! has great properties, why can’t they make them easier to use as a whole? Why can’t they leverage their huge geek/art base in Flickr, their massive sports base in Sports, their enormous News base in news, etc. into something greater then the sum of those parts?

Meanwhile, all sorts of supposedly smart people work there and they go and create useless garbage like Yahoo Pipes. Why don’t they get their top nerds together and make a Yahoo! profile that actually links together all their best and coolest properties? Probably because the place really is in disarray.


Facebook is Evil

For all his puffery, jargon, impossible-to-disprove ‘theories’, etc., The BubbleGeneration guy is still the only deep thinker of “web 2.0” and he has it exactly right about Facebook. Hey geeks, wake the fuck up– Facebook is trying to lock you in to their system by pretending to open it up. They’re whoring out the word ‘platform’ to mean ‘a way for us to steal ideas and own you all’. They’re playing you. Will someone else besides BubbleDude start pointing this out?