Joost Will Not Survive 2008

joost.png We told you from the start that Joose was DOA. Why? It’s not browser-based. If you’re creating anything mass-market right now, it had better be work in a web browser. This isn’t 1999 or even 2003, when apps like Skype or Napster were downloaded in the tens of millions, making people rich and introducing new ideas and new ways to use the emerging network. Ever since the rise of embedded apps, such as YouTube, Google Apps, Webmail, Flash-based games, Scribd, etc., non-browser stuff has been even more useless then it was before.The web is so much more powerful then anything else out there, you’d have to be an idiot not to center your applications in the universal web-access device– the browser.  Joost’s website has been down recently, but as Mashable notes, did anyone even notice? Mashable’s audience is the target audience for Joost, early-adopters who will try any web app once and stick with it if it delivers value. 90% of them say they use Joost rarely if ever. 


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