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Tagworld = Sagworld

Again, Alexa stats are pointless in real terms, but they are good when doing comparisons. Here’s one comparing Tagworld to Bebo. The former is an insider’s myspace wannabe that has generated countless mashable and techcrunch posts, the latter is an outsider’s myspace wannabe that’s gotten little “web 2.0” press but continues to add users, reach, and pageviews. Meanwhile Sagworld, despite billboards, TechCrunch posts up the wazoo, etc. has gotten nowhere and is shedding pageviews and probably users.


364 Fools

Mashable* and Techcrunch both put up April Fools posts today. The funny part was, they tried really hard to make fake sounding companies, but it still sounded like 90% of the crappy "Web 2.0" stuff they cover normally. Wouldn't it be great if Edgeio turned out to be a huge April Fool's joke too?

Mashable Hypes Edgeio

As we mention below, people are afraid to call a spade a spade in the Edgeio debacle because of the perceived power of its creator, who is also the TechCruncher. Case in point: Pete Cashmore of Mashable* (don’t forget the asterisk) has this to say recently:

Mike Arrington just gave me a heads up on Edgeio’s new feature release, slated for later today. As promised, Edgeio is adding the ability to create listings directly on the site – no blog required. What’s more, this feature acts as a kind of mini-blog, along with its own feed.

He then goes into a light critique of the business model, but never once mentions actually trying a search on the site, or the problem that Edgeio is basically unusable and they’ve probably sold about 50 things so far.