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TC50 = Snooze Fest

There simply weren’t enough interesting companies to make this interesting at all. In a very transparent move, the organizers tried to get some sizzle by having B-List Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher present his latest “company” which is actually a blog with animation attached. Boring. 

One thing that did come out of this is that it clearly defined things. DEMO is where actual technology happens, TC50 is where parties and fake Web 2.0 “companies” show off their wares to bored journalists and scenesters. It may have been “fun” if you’re into that sort of thing, but in terms of actually introducing innovation and interesting companies, it was a total dog.


Tagworld = Sagworld

Again, Alexa stats are pointless in real terms, but they are good when doing comparisons. Here’s one comparing Tagworld to Bebo. The former is an insider’s myspace wannabe that has generated countless mashable and techcrunch posts, the latter is an outsider’s myspace wannabe that’s gotten little “web 2.0” press but continues to add users, reach, and pageviews. Meanwhile Sagworld, despite billboards, TechCrunch posts up the wazoo, etc. has gotten nowhere and is shedding pageviews and probably users.

9rules Peaked in 2005

9rules, the fun, well designed, and wacky blog network that also pretends to be a legitimate business (but owns nothing and can only sell ads to itty-bitty companies that themselves will be out of business in 18 months) is flailing around just like you'd imagine. A look at their recent Alexa traffic, compared with theequally lame but far less prentetious "flagship" of another "blog network", The Blog Herald, shows that they peaked in '05 and have been on a downslide ever since January. Meanwhile the more-or-less useless Blog Herald continues to grow. Both sites have pretty meager traffic to begin with, but this just gives you an idea of what to think when the fearless leader of 9rules puts himself in the same sentance as Calacanis.

9rules traffic